Arrived unbelievably fast considering it was shipped from the other side of the world! Perfect condition, exactly what we were looking for. Thank you!!


Such BEAUTIFUL products! Very detailed and unique pieces! Fast shipping and so helpful in answering any questions you may have. Highly recommend!


Quality Items

These kits are filled with quality items, chosen for their connection to the Gods and Goddesses themselves. The quality of these items are high to enhance and withstand your sacred rituals.

Unique Handmade Candle

Inside each kit you will find a beautiful handmade soy candle. All ingredients are cruelty-free and vegan. The candles are topped with dried herbs, a-grade crystals and ethically sourced shells.

Repurposable Item

The candles inside these kits are made inside chalices and milk glass goblets. Once burning the candles, they can be repurposed as chalices for your altar. Perfect for offerings to the deities.

Natural Crystals

Although the crystals inside are shaped into points, they are left unpolished. Unpolished crystals are untainted and more natural. This allows a stronger connection between yourself and the crystal.

Packaged With Love

Each kit comes packaged inside its own kraft box and items are well protected with bubble wrap. This box is again placed inside another box to ensure your hands receive them in perfect condition.

Worldwide Shipping with Tracking

We guarantee that each order comes with tracking so you can keep an eye on the arrival of your kit. Tracking is available for domestic and worldwide orders and we are always here for questions.