Faery Forest Weekly Reading August 9-15th

Faery Oracle Reading, Frigga Norse Goddess of Marriage

Frigga Faery Oracle Reading August

Faery Forest Weekly Reading August 9-15th

✧ Hello lovelies, for this August 9-15th weekly card reading, I am using The Faery Forest deck by Lucy Cavendish. After shuffling and cleansing my cards, I was drawn to pull ‘FRIGGA‘. Frigga represents readiness, bounty and plenty.

Frigga Faery Oracle Reading August

You can find the Venus statue from the photo above here.

Who is Frigga?

Frigga is the Norse Goddess of marriage, Queen of Asgard and wife to Odin. She is associated with marriage, fertility, protection and called upon for matters of diplomacy. Frigga may be called upon for peace and to assist you with improving yourself.

Advice on how to spend the week ahead?

This week pay close attention to the opportunities at hand, you are at a wondrous time in your life full of abundance. Take care of yourself, spend time nurturing your soul, look after your health and focus on positive habits. Invest in yourself and romanticise your life so that you wake up every day excited to live! Take advantage of this time and build your future now.

Activity suggestions to make the most of this week:
✧ exercise 3 times
✧ write down your goals and systems on how to achieve them
✧ write down how you have improved in the last month and reflect on how you can do better
✧ write down the opportunities you currently have coming your way
✧ make a self-care routine

I hope that this card reading helps your journey. Please comment and let me know how your week goes, I love getting to know fellow pagans!

Love and Blessings,


August Faery Forest Card Reading
Frigga, from The Faery Forest by Lucy Cavendish