Handmade Soy Candle

Made inside a gorgeous, repurposable milk glass goblet.

Love Spells Cosmopolitan

Lovespells book by Cosmopolitan.

Learn how to cast spells, to improve your relationships or severe ties with negative people.

Herbal bath soak, ritual incense.

Empty the incense into the bag completely then submerge it in the bath for a relaxing, self-loving bath. 

  • ✧  A small red abalone shell. This can be used for smudging with your sage.
    ✧  A mixture of white shells, wonderful for finishing touches to your altar.
    A jar of dried rose petals.
  • ✧  One Nephrite crystal point. Nephrite is a protection stone and may clear negative energy from your aura. It also promotes calm energy.
    ✧  Two packets of Hem Rose incense cones.
    ✧  A jar of elderflower.
  • A small bag of dried Californian White Sage for smudging and protection.
    ✧  A jar of catnip.
    ✧  Each kit comes inside a kraft box with items wrapped in bubble wrap for protection.

The Goddess of Love is calling you...

This Altar Kit includes everything you need to connect with Venus.