Handmade Soy Candle

Made inside a beautiful stainless steel Celtic Triquetra chalice.

A Crann Bethadh ‘Celtic Tree of Life’ cauldron.

Made from smooth metal, perfect for burning magical incense and concocting spells!

A large Celtic spirit board altar cloth.

60cm x 76cm in size, made from cotton canvas.

  • ✧  One Moss Agate crystal chip bracelet. Moss Agate is perfect for boosting the immune system and alleviating stress.
    ✧  Two packets of Hem Forest incense cones.
    ✧ A jar of dried nettle.
  • ✧  A bag of ritual herbal incense. The herbs inside are a mix of Nettle and Oak Bark. This can also be sprinkled in a warm bath.
    ✧  Two mini random crystal hearts.
    ✧  A jar of oak bark.
  • ✧  One Serpentine crystal point to enhance connection with nature.
    ✧  A jar of burdock root.
    ✧  Each kit comes inside a kraft box with items wrapped in bubble wrap for protection.

The Celtic Gods and Goddesses are calling you...

This Altar Kit includes everything you need to connect with the Celtic pantheon.