How To Make My Venus Spell Jar

Venus Love Spell Jar

How To Make My Venus Spell Jar

✧ Hey lovelies, 

I want to share with you one of my favourite rituals, how I make spell jars. This post will explain how I make my Venus love jars and how you can make one too!! 

Please bear in mind that you can make a jar dedicated to any god or goddess of your choice, though this specific one is focused on love and I personally chose to incorporate many symbols of the goddess Venus as she is my main patron.

To watch me make my Venus spell jar you can see it here.

What will I need?

  • A glass jar with cork (you can use any size you like, bonus for heart-shaped ones)
  • Sugar (I use raw sugar)
  • White or pink glitter (biodegradable is best)
  •  Rose Quartz chips
  • Peach Moonstone chips
  • Paper (I aged some paper myself)
  • Pen
  • Dried rose petals
  • Dried lavender
  • Cinnamon (I use ground cinnamon)
  • Dried elderflower flowers
  • Dried jasmine flowers
  • Brown string
  • Wax (I use soy but you can use beeswax or coconut)
  • Essential oils or candle fragrance
  • Vegetable dye block or food dye
  • Incense stick
  • Lighter
  • Microwaveable bowl
  • Spoon 
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Somewhere to make a mess

Note: This recipe is for an 8cm tall spell jar, if your jar is bigger than mine you can fill it up with larger amounts of each ingredient or keep layering the ingredients until the jar is full.


Step one: 

The first step is to ensure your glass jar is clean on the outside and has no marks. Next, you will need to light your incense stick and use it to cleanse your jar. Swish it around inside the jar slowly whilst setting your intention, then pull it out. I used rose-scented incense for this, though you may use any romantic or passionate scent for this love spell jar. 



Step two:

The first ingredient you want to use is sugar. Pour some into your jar slowly. I filled my jar with approx 0.5cm of sugar. 


Step three:

Time for one of my favourite parts! You may use any spoon though I used a special altar spoon of mine to gather some glitter and pour it into the jar on top of the sugar. I only used a small amount and it looks beautiful falling into the sugar. You may use white, red, pink, green or any other loving colour of glitter for this. 


Step four:

For this step, I filled about 1cm in the jar with rose quartz chips and peach moonstone chips. You will need to set aside two of these crystal chips that you like. Other suggestions for crystals for a love spell jar are aventurine, red agate, garnet, pink tourmaline, lepidolite, amazonite and emerald. Just a reminder that green is a colour of love too!!



Step five: 

This is when I cut a small strip of my aged paper and wrote a small hymn to Venus on it. I used a gold pen to make it feel regal for Venus and chose words that are special to me and ones that will honour her. Alternatively, you may write one word on your paper to set your intention, for example, Love, Passion, Relationships, Healing, Trust. 


Step six:

Roll the piece of paper up like a small scroll and place inside the jar and push it gently down into the crystals so it stays. It may uncurl a little bit, that’s okay. 


Step seven: 

Next, you will be using the dried rose petals. I love to use dried rose buds though I ran out at the time I made my spell jar. I also ran out of my light pink petals which are my favourite. You may alternatively use yellow or white rose petals. Fill some of your jar with rose petals, you will have to use your fingers/spoon to push them down around your scroll of paper. I filled up about 2 cm with rose petals. 


Important! Remember to pay attention to where your herbs are from. You want to keep away from using dried flowers and herbs from most stores (like florists and supermarkets) as they are sprayed with chemicals and are not the best for you. I am more lenient when it comes to spell jars as the herbs stay inside the jar, though for bath soaks and other things I am very careful to only include herbs that are skin-safe.


Step eight: 

I purchased some gorgeous lavender from Witch Scents Organics in the Tamborine Mountains here in Queensland and am astounded with how fragrant it is! This is the lavender I use for all my projects now and what I used for this step. Again using my altar spoon I scooped up some lavender and poured it on top of the rose petals, you will still need to push it in around the piece of paper and it’s okay to fill inside the paper too. I filled it with 1-2 cm of lavender. 



Step nine:

Time for the cinnamon and elderflower! Pour some of your cinnamon into your mortar and add some elderflower. Crush these protection herbs together and then use your spoon to pour them into the jar, leaving approx 1-2 cm of space at the top of the jar. 


Step ten:

The last herb to add is Jasmine. Fill the rest of your jar up with the Jasmine flowers. If you still have lots of room you can keep layering the ingredients until the jar is full and when you’re done put the cork in the top.


Step eleven:

Cut a long piece of brown string and wrap it around the top of the jar and tie a secure bow. Cut the ends if they are too long. 


Step twelve:

Get your microwaveable bowl and fill it with half a cup of wax. I use golden 464 soy wax. Now you will need to add some candle dye to your wax, I use vegetable block dyes from Aussie Candle Supplies and I only need a few scrapings of the pink colour. If you don’t have access to this you may use a drop or two of food dye. 


Step thirteen:

Place the bowl in the microwave for about 2 minutes until it has melted. Stir it around.


Step fourteen:

You will need to scent your wax if you want your jar to smell magickal. It is perfectly fine to leave it unscented if you prefer this or you have allergies. To scent my wax I used English Rose candle fragrance oil from Aussie Candle Supplies. Alternatively, you may add a drop or two of essential oil to the mixture. Don’t forget to mix it into the wax! 


Venus Love Spell Jar Melting Wax


Step fifteen: 

Place your jar on some thick paper, cardboard or an old woodblock and pour the wax over the top and let it drip down the jar. Quickly get the crystals you set aside and place them on top of the cork and let them dry with the wax. If you have any herbs that dropped when you were making the spell jar, place them on top as well. Let your wax completely cool down, then you may pick up your jar and now you have a gorgeous love spell jar!!! 


Venus Love Spell Jar



How do I use my spell jar?

The main way to use your spell jar is to keep it on your altar, especially if you made in honour of a deity.

You may also like to keep it next to your bed or somewhere that you spend lots of time so you can look at it and be reminded of your intention.

You may like to carry yours around with you to keep you safe or help you find peace.



Do you have any other suggestions or tips?

If you’re not the biggest fan of the wax on top of the brown string you can do the wax first then add the string over the top. I personally don’t like the wax on the brown string, though it makes more sense to seal it properly like this with the wax last.

Although spell jars may be aesthetic, please remember they are about your intention not just for decoration. Remember witches used to put sharp and scary items inside theirs!

If you’re making one for a deity, I would recommend doing research on herbs, crystals and colours associated with them so you can honour them intentively.

Usually, two-dollar shops have glass jars in different sizes that you may want to use.



Aussie Candle Supplies

Witch Scents Organics


Note: soy wax frosts, this does not damage the jar or the effectiveness of your work. Please do not ingest the ingredients of the jar.

This post is not sponsored. 



If you give this a go or make your own, please share them with me on my social media, I’d love to see!

Love and Blessings, 

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